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Carrier CESO110057-02 01 Fan Control Circuit Board
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Carrier CESO110057-02 01 Fan Control Circuit Board

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Carrier CESO110057-01/02 Circuit Board Replaces:CES011050057-02, CESO11050057-01, CES0110048, CES0110020, HH84AA016 Used In: 349MAV036050AAJA 349MAV036050GAJA 349MAV036075AAJA 349MAV036075GAJA 349MAV048100AAJA 349MAV048100GAJA 349MAV060125AAJA 349MAV060125GAJA 373LAV024035AAJA 373LAV024035ABJA 373LAV024035GAJA 373LAV024035GBJA 373LAV024050ACJA 373LAV024050GCJA 373LAV024055AAJA 373LAV024055ABJA 373LAV024055ACJA 373LAV024055GAJA 373LAV024055GBJA 373LAV024055GCJA 373LAV036035AAJA 373LAV036035ABJA 373LAV036035GAJA 373LAV036035GBJA 373LAV036050ACJA 373LAV036050GCJA 373LAV036055AAJA 373LAV036055ABJA 373LAV036055GAJA 373LAV036055GBJA 373LAV036070ACJA 373LAV036070GCJA 373LAV036075AAJA 373LAV036075ABJA 373LAV036075GAJA 373LAV036075GBJA 373LAV036095ACJA 373LAV036095GCJA 373LAV048075AAJA 373LAV048075ABJA 373LAV048075GAJA 373LAV048075GBJA 373LAV048090AAJA 373LAV048090ABJA 373LAV048090GAJA 373LAV048090GBJA 373LAV048095ACJA 373LAV048095GCJA 373LAV048115ACJA 373LAV048115GCJA 373LAV060090AAJA 373LAV060090ABJA 373LAV060090GAJA 373LAV060090GBJA 373LAV060110AAJA 373LAV060110ABJA 373LAV060110GAJA 373LAV060110GBJA 373LAV060115ACJA 373LAV060115GCJA 373LAV060135ACJA 373LAV060135GCJA 376CAV024040ABJA 376CAV024040ACJA 376CAV024040GBJA 376CAV024040GCJA 376CAV024050ADJA 376CAV024050GDJA 376CAV024055ABJA 376CAV024055ACJA 376CAV024055GBJA 376CAV024055GCJA 376CAV024070ADJA 376CAV024070GDJA 376CAV036040ABJA 376CAV036040ACJA 376CAV036040GBJA 376CAV036

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Average Customer Review: 5.0 ( 4 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5There is a difference between the ICM and Carrier control boardsJul 17, 2013
By D. Rosing
I just put this unit in last night that replaced the 21 year-old unit that came with the original furnace. It's been up in the attic all that time going through lots of hot and cold cycles. The original unit finally failed when the printed wiring trace under the main motor relay fried and vaporized the piece of wiring board trace along with the lead going into the relay. I was unsure of the ICM 281 unit, so I kept with the Carrier replacement part for $100 more, got it shipped out overnight, installed it yesterday, and all works fine.

I wondered if I should have gone with the ICM. In looking at the online pictures of the ICM unit and comparing them with the Carrier replacement part, I noticed that the Carrier board has 7 each 1-watt and one 1/2 watt resistors on it, while the ICM equivalent has 4 each 1/2 watt resistors; all the others were surface mount thin film. Now, I'm sure both boards work well, and I have no idea what the probably of failure rates are, but I suspect that when ICM went to the smaller resistors they may have reduced the operational margin on some of the components. So in retrospect, I'm happy I stuck with the Carrier. Hopefully it will last as long as the original (21 years). The original board did have some board discoloration from heat under at least 2 of those big resistors, so there's some major current and heat being dissipated in some of those circuits. As my unit is up in the attic getting cycled hot and cold every day I'd rather have the bigger parts on board. I suspect my relay failed because there were so many hot/cold cycles on the solder joint it finally cracked, built up resistance and then fried when the resistance got to the point where it burned out. Again, I have no idea if it will actually last longer than the ICM or the original board, but at least the Carrier seemed more robust, design wise, as the surface-mount components are small and could potentially be subject to more cracking failures at the solder joints. But time will tell.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5It did the trickJan 18, 2014
Using youtube and very basic understanding of how HVAC works I was able isolate the problem to my controller board.

This item was the replacement board I needed.This board was more modern then the one that died and had an LED to provide diagnostic codes. The bad board did not and so the new board did not look identical to the one being replaced.

I swapped out the bad controller board and all is well. The house is once again nice and toasty and I saved some money on labor in the process.

4Easy to installMay 26, 2013
By Lackler
Installation very clear. It has been installed for about 6 months and it has worked well all through the winter. No problems.

5Works great.Aug 31, 2014
By Raul Dinis
Recieved as described. Works great.

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